We are pleased to invite college age students and high school teachers to participate in a free Skateboard Building Class during TechFest, August 22-23, at the University of Louisville Engineering Garage.  The sessions will be held from 4:00pm to 9:00pm on Saturday and Sunday.

We are excited to partner with U of L in the Skateboard Building Class as part of TechFest. This year we will limit the class size to 15 and prefer 2 to 4 students per participating high school teacher or professor.

There will be no charge for the class and each participant will receive a skateboard (or longboard) that they design and build.

Please let us know if you might be interested in receiving Professional Development credit for these courses.  Contact:  Jim Martin, TALK STEAM Coordinator, at 812-288-8344 or jim@marwoodveneer.com.