Raymond Tri

Raymond Tri and Paidemoyo Chariska, Co-Founders of Sippin

Subject: “Sippin: A Mobile App Case Study”

Track: Internet of Things


Pai Charasika; Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

As a graduate of Wake Forest University and University of Louisville’s MBA program, Pai has spent the last 17 years of his career as a financial advisor.  His proficiencies are in sales, marketing, and the communication of a message.  He has used his expertise to create solutions to complex challenges impacting individuals and non-profits organizations.  Most of his directives as a financial advisor have been entrepreneurial in nature with a primary focus on asset gathering and brand creation.  Sippin, LLC is his first startup.

Raymond Tri; Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Raymond is a young entrepreneur with a passion for technology. His experience with multiple startups (technology-related and otherwise) has given him a tested set of skills that are particularly applicable in growth stage companies. Sippin, LLC will be the fourth startup he has had a major role in. From a marketing and business planning standpoint, his greatest entrepreneurial accomplishment was the launch of 21 Moonshine, a new brand of flavored adult beverages. Through a journey which involved winning the Idea State U Business Plan Competition and receiving a large grant from the state of Kentucky, he was able to launch his first company.


“Sippin: A Mobile App Case Study” will give an inside view to the development of a technology startup, and how it takes into considerations relationships.  Entrepreneurs Paidemoyo Charasika and Raymond Tri will take you through the mobile application development experience at Techfest.  The new Sippin mobile app to be launched in August 2017 will innovate the social experience as we know it today, they say. By building an artificially intelligent algorithm that analyzes & filters your commonalities, personality traits, and interests, the startup will be able to geographically locate complementary/ like-minded people that you would have a great time hanging out with and getting to know. And, simultaneously it will assist growth at top hangout locations.