Carl L. Williams

Carl Williams, Chief Operations Officer, PSST
Track:  Healthcare IT
Subject, “Tracking Employee Healthcare: An IT Development Story at PSST”


Carl Lee Williams Sr. currently serves as the Chief Operations Officer at PSST, LLC. With more than a decade of experience in Human Resource management.  He joined the PSST team in September of 2014.  He provides strategic direction to the growing IT company, coordinates workflow between development, client success, and sales teams, directs the daily work task for all client success team members, provides Human Resources consulting to more than 750 national clients and partners, as well as leads educational seminars and webinars regarding human capital management and business compliance regulations.


In his talk, “Tracking Employee Healthcare: An IT Development Story at PSST,” Carl will look at how healthcare shaped a software company.  Learn how the Affordable Care Act generated exponential growth for this local software company.  PSST quickly responded to the market need and developed a cloud based SaaS solution that quickly elevated them to a regional and national player in the ACA compliance space. The business model evolved in 2012, when the ACA required schools, businesses and other organizations to provide to the federal government data including how many hours their employees worked and that employees were offered affordable health insurance that met minimum standards. Carl will discuss the challenges of rapid growth, and how PSST, was able to leverage the opportunity to build an infrastructure that would support continued business growth for years to come.

Thanks to the ACA business and industry diversification, the company’s client list in the last nearly four years grew from about 250 in 18 states to 750 in 34 states. PSST served two industries — education and government — four years ago. Now it serves 27, including health care, construction, manufacturing and logistics.