Angie Shaw

Director | Enterprise Information Protection (EIP) | Cyber Security Operations Center, Humana
Track: Cybersecurity
Subject:  How Humana Defines Cyber Goverance

For the last three years, Angie Shaw has served as Director of Enterprise Information Protection (EIP), at the Humana Cybersecurity Operations Center.

She has more than 16 years of information technology and leadership experience within the financial and healthcare industries. Well versed in leading and building international teams, she provides technology guidance to project teams, facilitates support for technology decisions, and offers capital and strategic planning that provides a solid foundation for strategic plans and resource allocation. She believes in promoting diversity, teamwork, flexibility, and innovation. Angie combines vast technical proficiency with sharp organizational and business acumen to direct high-level technical/business affairs with other stakeholders.


Angie Shaw will give a high-level view of best practices in cyber governance, taken in part from her experience at the Humana Cyber Security Operations Center.