Josef Spalenka

R&D Research Scientist


Presentation:  “The Evolving IoT Ecosystem at Genscape”

Abstract:  A perspective on IoT past, present and future from Genscape’s research science & technology teams.  Our long-standing market leading position in B2B Energy Information Services comes from nearly two decades of work serving critical proprietary Genscape information to our customers:  Commodity Traders and other roles spanning the Energy industry.  Genscape’s recent innovations in sensor technology as well as platform technology continue to bring new capabilities to customers looking for market insights in real-time across many energy asset classes ranging from Solar to Natural Gas to Power.  In addition, we will provide the ‘real-world’ view of how to deploy, manage and maintain a global footprint of IoT devices requiring the exceptional talents of our Field Operations team.  Genscape employs many sensor types each with its own unique capability to suit the use case under investigation and each with one or more unique environmental challenges which we will also review.  The data acquisition phase is part of the curation process in turning our IoT data into market insights and this requires data analysts, numeric models and platform technology to deliver those insights to customers.  We will walk through some of our products and software technologies that we run today and are building in our Next Generation platform.


Josef Spalenka is an R&D Research Scientist at Genscape, a role that essentially means he is a “new signals hunter.” He has been working at Genscape since 2014, to uncover market-relevant signals from raw datasets ranging from powerline flow data, infrared imagery, satellite photos, radio transmissions, and public NASA & weather satellite data, to build new data streams and analytics products. His projects and product launches at Genscape have included uncovering signals at underground natural gas storage fields, LNG Liquefaction plants, cross-border gas pipelines, cargo ships, oil wells, and even the Tesla lithium-ion battery Gigafactory.

Before Genscape, Josef earned a Ph.D. in Materials Science & Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where his thesis work focused on making transistors from organic semiconductor liquids and vapors, for applications in solar cells, LED lights, and OLED displays. He also studied Engineering Physics from Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado, a school known for its rich heritage in energy, mining, petroleum engineering, and solar cell research.