John Williamson

John Williams, Founder of Company: RCM Brain, Inc.

Subject: “AI Bots in Healthcare”

Tracks: Healthcare IT


John Williamson is an entrepreneurial innovator. He is obsessed with efficiency and the use of technology to transform the way work gets done to benefit businesses and consumers alike. John has been building complex web applications for nearly 15 years as a consultant, angel funded startup founder, corporate product owner, and in his current role, as founder of a venture-scale company – RCM Brain.

RCM Brain is a software and services company that enables healthcare revenue cycle management companies and departments to work smarter and faster. The company uses a combination of machine learning, robotic process automation, and workflow communications to stop revenue leakage and increase staff productivity. The upfront analysis service consistently identifies missing revenue for immediate recapture from contractual underpayments and invalid denials. The real time workflow automation functionality will prioritize and distribute work to processing staff will providing actionable reporting to management. Built using the most modern technology infrastructure, the RCM Brain engine will continue to become more advanced, automating larger pieces of the revenue cycle.


Artificial Intelligence is a concept that has been relatively abstract for the vast majority of white collar workers. This is about to change in some dramatic ways with the introduction of intelligent software automation that completes the electronic back office tasks that have been overwhelming various industries.

The rise of the offshore processing worker has already leveled off and will likely recede very rapidly as workflow automation moves from dream to reality over the next few years. The removal of millions of hours of required labor to manage the electronic systems in place will change the dynamic of labor cost savings versus process automation costs.

This change will be felt in many industries, but healthcare may feel it the most. Currently approximately one third of all healthcare dollars are spent on administrative tasks. Most of that administration is performed within electronic systems, large and small. Introducing intelligent bots into these systems will significantly reduce the number of human touch points in workflow that starts at scheduling an appointment and complete with a provider getting paid from insurance and patients.

For the high percentage of health systems and managed service organizations that currently offshore these laborious tasks, a new world of automation possibilities will allow them to bring the workload back into their organizations without adding new staff. The best part is that these jobs will be much more rewarding and higher paid.