Dawn Yankeelov

President, Aspectx
Executive Director, TALK

Aspectx, an integrated communication firm based in the Midwest serving an international marketplace, provides a number of services designed to forward your initiatives in business growth. The company has a team of professionals involved in delivering the best counsel and execution in the areas competitive intelligence, business development, marketing, public relations, web technologies, and social media.
Over the years, the clientele of Aspectx has remained companies looking to leverage the cutting edge in technologies to assist in their profitability, as well as their efficiencies. From large household-known IT companies to startups with niche objectives in certain fields of interest, Aspectx provides hands-on answers that work with creativity that leads to solid branding, reputation management, and analysis of available data to make smart decisions. With a background in technology, and science, Dawn Marie Yankeelov provides solutions-based approaches that target audiences and dissect trends, evaluate tactics, and innovate what can be done now. Aspectx works primarily in the areas of healthcare, technology, government, and energy sectors.

The firm was founded in 1989, by Dawn Marie Yankeelov, moving her career from daily journalism into solving real-world dilemmas that require marketing, business development and strategic vision.

In 2011, Ms. Yankeelov presented at the International Public Relations Society of America Conference on “Top 10 Ways to Remarketify Products & Services for Greater Success,” and in 2010 on “Customer Retention: Learn Critical Factors for Maintaining Online Commerce Success.” For seven years, Ms. Yankeelov spoke on various topics at the International Virtual Communities Conference held then in Europe by Infonortics, Ltd. She also contributed to the American Bar Association’s Emerging Businesses Series for 2005 and 2010, handbooks for those companies in growth sectors.

Specialties: Marketing strategy, competitive intelligence and analysis, business strategy, international business development, public relations, process management, customer experience, social media, community development, public outreach, brand awareness, team leadership, community relations, reputation management, web development, employee relations.