A Special Thank You for the Artists of Techfest

Techfest Louisville had three special guest artists exhibiting at Techfest Louisville 2017! We would like to acknowledge these artists directly:

Dawn Yankeelov, Executive Director of TALK, and president of Aspectx, exhibited her deceased daughter’s work, Annmarie Campbell. Annmarie grew up in Louisville, graduated from Murray State University, and was a passionate artist. She devoted much of her time to drawing, printmaking, and photography. She died at the age of 23 in May 2006, attacked and killed by an alligator on an outdoor adventure in Ocala, Florida. A scholarship was established in her name for art students at Murray State University, and continues to take contributions building its endowments.

In her artist statement Annmarie said, “The intent of my work is to investigate relationships of duality—principally, attraction and repulsion. I focus on responses to food, intimacy with the self and with others, as well as the binary opposition present in gender identification.

My work incorporates repeating imagery that takes on a variety of characteristics while staying familiar throughout each piece. By depicting the many guises of a particular form, I remind the viewer of the range of an individual’s taste. For example, a food that pleases us on one occasion has the potential to sicken us in another.

The relationship that fascinates me most is when dualities exist simultaneously, as in the case when the grotesque is revealed as beautiful, or when pain induces pleasure. The merging point of these dualities commands an advanced level of response. The effect brings about learning, liberation, and growth.”

Annmarie Campbell

Debra Lott, a prominent Louisville artist, also exhibited her Technology Series: The Human Condition. Debra is a South Florida native currently living and working in Louisville, Kentucky. Her work includes figurative drawings and paintings that focus on women and body image. She received a BA in Art Education from Palm Beach Atlantic University and an MAT in Art with a Specialization in Painting from Florida Atlantic University. She studied privately in South Florida under Graham Ingles, illustrator and famed EC comic artist.

To see the pieces exhibited: https://www.debralott.com/the-human-condition?lightbox=dataItem-iyhgvn9f1

Lott’s work has been featured in regional, national and international exhibitions at venues such as: the National Women’s Caucus for the Arts at Kniznick Gallery in Brandeis University, Boston, the St Louis National Caucus for the Arts in Missouri, the 54th and 55th Mid States Art Exhibition at the Evansville Museum of Arts, IN, the Louisville, KY Water Tower Regional Juried Exhibition,and others.

Lastly, Techfesters saw the work of an up and coming Cuban artist that was greatly affected by his first trip to New York City where he experienced a great deal of technology in his walkabout. Precision in drawing, the excellent handling of pigments and an intelligent and humanistic approach to modernity are characteristic of the work of Yovani Caisés Almaguer (Holguín, 1974), an artist who has achieved a unique harmony between academics, experience and inspiration.

Caisés Yosvani

Caisés studied at the Vocational and Professional School of Fine Arts in his native Holguín, where he graduated in Painting, Drawing, Engraving, Photography and Sculpture in 1994.

Caisés leaned first towards sacred art, then ancient art. As he continued, he began to move to a more personal space, reinventing characters, and making models of everyday life and commonplace activities, all symbolizing, a spectrum of emotions.

After a 3-month trip to New York City several years ago, Yosvani completely changed his art. This body of work is a result of those experiences. Cuba is a county isolated from the rest of the world, a county were time stood still. Little information about technological advances or modern culture ever reached the Cuban people. He said that seeing contemporary art in New York had a major influence on his work. Yosvani observed that in New York City he saw TV sets in the garbage that were much better than the TV sets in Cuban homes, where a TV set is kept for decades. He realized that how people see the importance of things, depend on their ability to get them. Consequently modern technology and how human beings relate to it began to occupy space in the painter’s work, in a peculiar mixture of expressionism and figurative art.

For more interesting artists, the Moremen Moloney Gallery, a TALK partner, is located in Louisville’s Butchertown neighborhood, at 939 E Washington Street (on the corner of Washington St. and Wenzel Ave.). The building is an historic house, originally built around 1840 as the home and workshop of a carriage maker. With 12-ft. ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows, it is a spacious place filled with natural light, perfect for exhibiting artwork. You can call and inquire to see Yosvani’s work: Gallery hours: Friday and Saturday 1 – 4 pm. At your convenience by calling or texting: 502-727-3909

Less Than 10 Days! Learn from Techfest Louisville Speakers

For a complete Techfest program, go to the homepage at www.techfestlou.com! The event will take place on Aug. 16th-7th at the Pendennis Club in downtown Louisville. Buy tickets now on the button of the same name.

“Avoiding the Software Implementation Nightmare” |
Speaker: Aaron Rosenberg, Partner & SVP Business Development, Oasis Solutions

Day 1 – 2:00 PM, 2nd Floor Ballroom

Aaron Rosenberg

There are many things you should consider when implementing a new business management software – the software itself is just one piece of the puzzle. The most important piece to consider when deciding on a new business management software is WHO will be on your implementation team. You should find the best implementation partner and the best internal team to take on the implementation project. Most people don’t like change, especially when it comes to changes in the way they do their job. There are three important steps that should be followed to manage the change within a company. It is critical that top management be on board and exude confidence in the process. Project scope is the part of project planning that involves determining and documenting a list of specific project goals, deliverables, features, functions, tasks, deadlines, and ultimately costs. In other words, it is what needs to be achieved and the work that must be done to deliver a project. Scope creep should also be addressed. Join Aaron Rosenberg for this deep dive!

“Protecting Your Innovations: A Patent Law Primer” |
Speaker: Brantley Shumaker, Registered Patent Attorney, Middleton Reutlinger

Day 1 – 1:00 PM, 2nd Floor Ballroom

Brantley Shumaker

Brantley Shumaker is a registered patent attorney and a member of the intellectual property practice group at Middleton Reutlinger. He focuses his practice primarily in the areas of patent prosecution and intellectual property litigation. He has prosecuted patent applications in a variety of technology areas, including electrical, medical devices, mechanical, health and lifestyle products and business methods.

A patent is a bundle of exclusive rights awarded by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to protect an inventive process, machine, article of manufacture, or composition of matter. Not everything is patentable, and the line between patentable and unpatentable is not always clear. Computer software and business methods are patentable under certain circumstances. However, laws of nature (E=mc2), physical phenomena, and abstract ideas (method of hedging risks in commodities trading) are not. The line keeps moving, too – the Supreme Court has weighed in on the issue multiple times in recent years. This talk will discuss what a patent is, what it takes to get one, and whether it is worth the investment.

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Several Techfest Topics on Aug. 16th-17th Will Showcase Entrepreneurial Speakers

Several Techfest Topics on Aug. 16th-17th Will Showcase Entrepreneurial Speakers

Sippin: A Mobile App Case Study–Entrepreneurs Paidemoyo Charasika and Raymond Tri will take you through the mobile application development experience at Techfest. The new Sippin mobile app to be launched in August 2017 will innovate the social experience as we know it today, they say. By building an artificially intelligent algorithm that analyzes & filters your commonalities, personality traits, and interests, the startup will be able to geographically locate complementary/ like-minded people that you would have a great time hanging out with and getting to know. And, simultaneously it will assist growth at top hangout locations.

Raymond Tri

RCM Brain: Using AI in Healthcare Revenue Management–Can artificial intelligence in the healthcare spaces change the ability to be productive and process more data to push decision-making? Entrepreneur John Williamson says yes. RCM Brain is a software and services company that enables healthcare revenue cycle management companies and departments to work smarter and faster. The startup uses a combination of machine learning, robotic process automation, and workflow communications to stop revenue leakage and increase staff productivity. The upfront analysis service consistently identifies missing revenue for immediate recapture from contractual underpayments and invalid denials. The real time workflow automation functionality will prioritize and distribute work to processing staff will providing actionable reporting to management. Built using the most modern technology infrastructure, the RCM Brain engine will continue to become more advanced, automating larger pieces of the revenue cycle.

John Williamson

John Williamson
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A Guest Blog Post from Techfest Speaker COO Carl L. Williams at PSST

The Single-Most Important Thing to Remember About User Experience

By Carl L. Williams
Chief Operations Officer
Louisville, Kentucky

If I can give one single bit of advice to other professionals involved in the development and marketing of Software as a Service (SaaS), it is to always remember, “You are not the user.”

How many times have product developers added a function or feature without consulting the potential end user? How often do designers place icons or design navigation based on their own personal preference versus asking the end user?

It happens too often.

Since 1990, PSST has successfully developed scores of software and seamless integration solutions and grown into a regional company with a national reach — more than 750 clients in 34 states. Our products focus on the needs of our clients who are financial, human resources, payroll, and benefit professionals. As a result, PSST’s products are robust electronic and integration solutions that meet the need for 1) greater efficiencies and effectiveness, 2) access to current data in real time, 3) reduced errors and improved accuracy, and 4) eliminating time-consuming manual processes in challenged environments.

In recent years, however, we observed these two trends:
1) user expectations are evolving rapidly and expectations for ease and intuitive design are much higher today than they were five or even two years ago; and
2) positive user experience leads to greater product satisfaction, which leads to longer and expanded client relationships.

Consequently, PSST created a Client Innovations Center for the purpose of ensuring our product development pathway prioritized user experience. PSST wanted to create solutions that were full of great features and robust capabilities and equally user-friendly and intuitive.

PSST also has recently partnered with an independent development team to provide expert guidance and direction for enhancing our user experience. The process included interviewing and observing a number of real clients as they used our products (both those in development and those currently in the marketplace), prioritizing the insights of those interviews, and defining user personas – all of which guides the wireframe design and prototyping to get to validated solution.

Consequently, PSST has been working to “re-skin” several existing products as well as design and develop new offerings in the pipeline based on user input and research.

Based on our experience at PSST, I am confident if you adopt “I am not the user” as your new development mantra and seek professional input into the user experience, the results will be more user-friendly products for your clients — which will help lead to enduring and expanded client relationships.

Meet the Experts/Learn Industry Secrets from Genscape at Techfest Louisville

Three Genscape R & D scientists will participate in a deep-dive on the Internet of Things and explain what their company is doing in the energy space. Join our IOT Track audience at Techfest on Aug. 16th at 10 AM in the 3rd Floor Ballroom at the Pendennis Club.

Listen to “The Evolving IOT Ecosystem at Genscape” with the following Genscape speakers: Mike Frohme, Jason Fuchs, and Josef Spalenka of Genscape.

The Genscape team will provide the ‘real-world’ view of how to deploy, manage and maintain a global footprint of IoT devices requiring the exceptional talents of their Field Operations team. Genscape employs many sensor types each with its own unique capability to suit the use case under investigation and each with one or more unique environmental challenges which they will also review. The data acquisition phase is part of the curation process in turning their IoT data into market insights and this requires data analysts, numeric models and platform technology to deliver those insights to customers. They will walk through some of the Genscape products and software technologies that the company runs today and what is being built into the Next Generation platform.

Mike Frohme is an IT Enterprise Architect at Genscape, presently the Data Services Team Leader. Working for Genscape since late 2008, he has been instrumental in the creation, standardization, and evolution of centralized systems supporting Genscape’s key product spaces.

Jason Fuchs

Jason Fuchs is an engineer and data scientist with over ten years of experience in sensors and telemetry. Currently he is responsible for the research and development of new monitoring technologies and data streams for Genscape. Some of his successful projects include using electromagnetic field monitors to gather data on infrastructure energy usage, installing camera systems to track rail shipments, and using satellite photos to gain intelligence on new asset construction.

Josef Spalenka
Josef Spalenka is an R&D Research Scientist at Genscape, a role that essentially means he is a “new signals hunter.” He has been working at Genscape since 2014, to uncover market-relevant signals from raw datasets ranging from powerline flow data, infrared imagery, satellite photos, radio transmissions, and public NASA & weather satellite data, to build new data streams and analytics products.
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Humana’s Angela Shaw to Speak on Cyber Governance/Techfest Louisville

Join a Local Cyber Leader And Talk Governance at Techfest
10 AM, Aug. 16th
2nd Floor Ballroom, Pendennis Club
Humana’s Angela Shaw Will Give Her Best Practices

Angela is currently serving as the Director of the Cyber Security Operations Center at Humana. In this role she is responsible for leadership of five key areas: The Cyber Defense & Intelligence Center which is a 24x7x365 security operations center, Security Technology Operations which is responsible for production support for Humana’s security tools and technologies, Forensics & Security Investigations which is responsible for forensics and the data leakage and management program, Cyber Hunting Analytics and Response and Security Operations Service Delivery. Angela has over 16 years of experience in the Information Technology field with extensive leadership experience in Infrastructure and Security organizations within the healthcare and financial industries.

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At Techfest: “Tracking Employee Healthcare: An IT Development Story at PSST”

At Techfest…Delve into Healthcare IT: Hear Carl Williams, COO of PSST
2 PM, Aug. 16th, 3rd Floor Ballroom
Pendennis Club

Tracking Employee Healthcare: An IT Development Story at PSST

Carl Lee Williams Sr.
Carl Lee Williams Sr. currently serves as the Chief Operations Officer at PSST, LLC. With more than a decade of experience in Human Resource management. He joined the PSST team in September of 2014. He provides strategic direction to the growing IT company, coordinates workflow between development, client success, and sales teams, directs the daily work task for all client success team members, provides Human Resources consulting to more than 750 national clients and partners, as well as leads educational seminars and webinars regarding human capital management and business compliance regulations.

Learn how the Affordable Care Act generated exponential growth for this local software company. PSST quickly responded to the market need and developed a cloud based SaaS solution that quickly elevated them to a regional and national player in the ACA compliance space. The business model evolved in 2012, when the ACA required schools, businesses and other organizations to provide to the federal government data including how many hours their employees worked and that employees were offered affordable health insurance that met minimum standards. Williams will discuss the challenges of rapid growth, and how PSST, was able to leverage the opportunity to build an infrastructure that would support continued
business growth for years to come.

Thanks to the ACA business and industry diversification, the company’s client list in the last nearly four years grew from about 250 in 18 states to 750 in 34 states. PSST served two industries – education and government – four years ago. Now it serves 27, including health care, construction, manufacturing and logistics.

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